How to troubleshoot the fargo printer

Fargo printer is a printer of quality consumer business card for home or small office. As for printer ordinary computers, fargo printers may malfunction at times. Many problems with printers Fargo are similar to common printers, such as feeding problems of print media in the machine and problems with printer cartridges. You can correct problems with fargo printer ribbons by troubleshooting machines. Card- No - Fed Error Message

What does means the error message

You may receive an error message on your computer that says "unable to feed card." This occurs when the fargo printer is not able to detect the blank cards into the hopper of the card. This may be because no business cards have been loaded or have been loaded correctly. To correct the error, take all the cards out of the hopper and check that they are not stuck together. Fan the cards to ensure they are not stuck, and then flatten them into one pile. Press the hopper loading lever until you hear the click card tray. Place the cards in the hopper with the printable side facing down and close the hopper lid. Continue the print job by pressing the "Resume" button.

What to do if this error persists?

If you still receive the error message, press "Cancel Printing" on the error message that appears on your computer. Turn off the printer and disconnect for several seconds. Connect the fargo printer and turn again. This should eliminate any errors that prevent printer function properly.